The most stubborn fat accumulate in our body is that bulge beneath navel. No matter how hard you try it just never goes away at least not with diet or exercise. So what should one do…? Give up certainly not but tummy tuck is for whole abdominal so now what, new solution is mini tummy tuck. Mini tummy tuck unlike full tummy tuck is suitable for those who has who has a slim midsection and only desires to change the shape of their tummy by reducing a limited amount of bulging or saggy skin.

What are the Procedure of Mini Tummy tuck / Mini Abdominoplasty?

During a VASER Tummy Tuck, specific generated sound waves are passed through the body skin to liquefy fat which is then removed gently using suction. Areas that can be sculpted are the chest, tummy, back, flanks, waistline and buttocks.

A Tummy Tuck is then performed by making an incision in the abdominal crease to remove skin and tissues Dr. Prashant Yadav uses a much smaller incision that does not require detachment of the belly button. The rectus muscles, better known as the ‘six pack’, are tightened with sutures and the extra skin, tissue and fat are removed through the incision. To remove excess fat, liposuction is frequently used to achieve the desired result.

Understanding the patient’s goals is very important to achieving a customized procedure, which is why Dr Prashant Yadav , a board certified Plastic Surgeon, will take the time during your consultation to find out what your expectations are and answer all your questions and concerns about a mini tummy tuck.

Pre-op Care

  • You should discuss your medical history, and regular medications including over-the-counter medicines with your doctor.
  • You will undergo a series of medical tests to determine if the Tummy Tuck procedure is suitable for you.
  • You should stop smoking about four weeks before your Tummy Tuck surgery as it may lead to post surgical complications.
  • You should stop alcohol consumption two weeks before the procedure.
  • You must cease taking anti-coagulants and anti-inflammatory medicines for about two weeks before the surgery as it may lead to excessive bleeding and slow recovery.
  • You should take multivitamins about two weeks before your Tummy Tuck surgery.
  • You should reduce the intake of salt as it may lead to swelling after the procedure.
  • You should not eat or drink anything after midnight on the night before the surgery.
  • You may take your regular medicines with a small sip of water.

Post-op Care

  • You should walk bent forward and place pillows under your head and knees for the first two to three days.
  • You should sleep in a fetal position and get up from the bed in stages to reduce pain and discomfort.
  • You should empty the drain that has been placed to remove the excess blood and fluid two to three times a day.
  • You should avoid taking a bath for about two weeks after Tummy Tuck surgery or, until the drains and sutures have been removed and the incision has properly healed.
  • You should avoid whirlpools and swimming pools for about a month.
  • You should wear the Tummy Tuck belt at all times for the first three weeks. You should continue wearing the Tummy Tuck belt during the day for the next three weeks.
  • You should avoid taking anti-coagulants and anti-inflammatory medicines for about two weeks after the procedure.
  • You should avoid consuming alcohol for about two weeks after the Tummy Tuck surgery.
  • You should avoid strenuous exercises for six weeks after the surgery.
  • You should avoid using hot or cold compressors as it may lead to frostbite or burns without your knowledge.
  • You should have adequate rest but not be confined to bed completely as it may cause vein clots in the legs.

Recovery of Mini Tummy Tuck

There are certain discomfort after every surgery hence yes there will be some discomfort which can be sorted easily by prescribe medicines. It is important to slowly walk around within the first two to three days, slightly bent forward to prevent any tension on the incision. You’ll be required to wear a compression garment for three weeks after the surgery. This controls swelling and helps the skin in the area conform to its new sleeker contour. It also helps with proper healing of mini tummy tuck scars. Recovery from a partial abdominoplasty is relatively short. It takes 7-14 days to fully recover. Patients usually become normally active and return to work within two weeks after the operation.

Dr Prashant Yadav is highly trained surgeon he has performed mini tummy tuck many times successfully. This procedure is completely safe and results are long lasting.
Costs of Mini tummy tuck

Prices depends on how much fat has to be removed hence it varies from person to person. For estimate cost of your surgery or any other query kindly call us on +919272007896, +918485084716 to schedule your consultation or mail us


1. First and foremost question – Is mini tummy tuck worth it?

Yes! It is worth it. Even if you have slim waist that extra bulge on your lower abdomen can make you feel self conscious, not only that because of this unwanted stubborn bulge you won’t be able to wear desired clothes and mini tummy tuck is totally safe, minimal invasive and result oriented.

2. Is mini tummy tuck is painful?

Yes it can be painful but that pain is minimal and can easily sort by prescribed medicine.

3. Who should have a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A Tummy Tuck is best suited for men and women who have an ideal body weight but, are unable to get rid of abdominal fat and skin redundancy despite a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

4. One can consider a Mini Tummy Tuck after c section?

One should definitely wait for at least 6 months after giving birth before having any procedure on your abdomen. The skin and muscles need to contract so that a proper plan can be made.

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