Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy


Now a days women’s are very cautious about their looks, it’s the reason they do everything which adds more elegance to their looks and it feels comfort for them. But unfortunately there are some factors which may impossible to avoid and it may affect your look and appearance badly. Most of the women’s are suffers from bulging tummy, it is common in large number of women’s even if they are regular in daily exercise or diet routine.

Wherever, there are some unavoidable factors which make your tummy saggy, and these are because of aging and pregnancy.


Considering a Tummy Tuck after your Pregnancy?

            After carrying a baby for 9 months, your body is going to change. Your tummy starts to sag and it results in loosing skin around the abdomen area. So it may cause uncomforting with number of women’s.

The main reason of Tummy Tuck is to get strengthen the stomach muscles and Tighten sagging, dropping, excess skin which improves your confidence.


What is exactly Tummy Tuck and how it is helpful after Pregnancy?

Tummy Tuck is also referred as Abdominoplasty. Actually it is a surgical procedure which is option for such women’s who has the excessively saggy tummy. Abdominoplasty surgery not only removes the fat but also the sagging skin in abdomen area.

Tummy Tuck surgery procedure involves with incision and takes more time to recovery but after recovery time you will get desired result.

It involves incisions in lower abdomen area. The flaps of skins are pulled and muscles are stitched to separation between them and excess skin will be removed. Then skin is stretched and incisions will be closed.

Tummy Tuck surgery has two types:

  1. Full Tummy Tuck
  2. Mini Tummy Tuck

In Full Tummy Tuck surgery both muscles are toned and new belly button is created. Where in Mini Tummy Tuck only excess skin will be removed.


Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery:

  • It flatten your abdomen by removing excess skin and fat.
  • It tightens the muscles of stomach.
  • It removes stretch marks which are appears on your abdomen as a result of pregnancy or aging.

Many women’s choose Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy to get their pre-pregnancy body back. It is the common condition to have saggy abdomen, stretch marks after pregnancy, for such reasons Tummy Tuck is the best option to get your normal body back. Tummy Tuck procedure effectively flattens your tummy after the pregnancy. This is also important to know that you should undergo Tummy Tuck if you are not planning to pregnant again.

Other important benefit of Tummy Tuck is, it removes stretch marks which associated with pregnancy and improve your body appearance by shaping it as your normal body.

In short, Tummy Tuck surgery is very helpful if you lost shape of your tummy after pregnancy.