Vaser 4d hi Def Liposuction

Vaser 4D liposuction is the specialised form of vaser liposuction. It is an advanced body sculpting procedure, which removes fat cells, defines muscles and significantly improve your body appearance. Vaser 4D liposuction targets pocket of fat cells, and eliminate them while redefining shape of your body.

Vaser 4d lipo can target fat on:

  • Upper arms
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Back and upper legs

The Procedure:

Patients who want natural look and defined figure, so vaser 4D liposuction is best option for them. This procedure can permanently remove the fat, the body is sculpted. By using the small probes it emits ultrasonic waves to break the targeted fat. The fat cells can be removed and desired muscles can be sculpted. Vaser 4D liposuction is the ideal procedure for both men and women.

Your Vaser 4D Liposuction procedure is performed by our highly qualified and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Prashant Yadav, who will help you to achieve desired result.


The result of Vaser 4D Liposuction is long-lasting and the fat removal is permanent.


During your consultation with us, our surgeon will examine your examine your body, from which you want to remove fat. Our surgeon have performed number of liposuction surgeries with desired results.

Your consultation will be absolutely free of cost, so this will be the great opportunity to discuss with our surgeon all aspects about this procedure.