Welcome to the Dezire Hi Def Liposuction Clinic

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is an important decision. We strive to ensure that all the patients are adequately educated about the procedure they desire, so that they can make an informed decision that is right for them. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our practice is focused on listening to our clients’ needs, and customizing their aesthetic treatments that best fit their lifestyle. We strive to provide our clients with individualized attention and professionalism in seeking the natural looking results that surpass their expectations

Liposuction is used by many people in order to help achieve a more superior body contour. A form of cosmetic surgery, liposuction is the process of removing excess deposition of fat from those less than perfect areas of the body. Predominant areas treated are the face, neck, arms, male breasts, abdomen, love-handles, back, hips, thighs, knees, and calves. As our body is the way we present ourselves to the world, maintaining a good body contour is very important. Most of us have struggled with stubborn fat that just won’t go away with diet and exercise. If you are frustrated about unwanted fat, then liposuction is a great and safe way to eliminate it and get rid of that fat once and for all.

Rather than simply removing a localised pocket of fat, Dr Prashant Yadav, Board certified Plastic Surgeon and VASER 4 D Lipo trained Surgeon, always performs true body contouring, and considers the body in aesthetic units.  This means contouring the thighs circumferentially, for example, or contouring the upper and lower abdomen together with the flanks to give a better silhouette and harmonious result.

At Dezire Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing cutting edge technology, especially in relation to body contouring procedures. Believing that there is no such thing “as a one size fits all”, Dezire Clinic has invested in the latest in technological equipment across a range of procedures including both surgical and non-surgical treatments. This means we select the technique that best fits your body and expectations.

We are using the following combination of techniques for Hi def body contouring, which are the most advanced and latest in the world

VASER2.0 LIPO SYSTEM (First in India)



Radiofrequency treatment