Marilyn Monroe once said that a smile is the best make up a girl could wear.I totally agree with that your smile is your best feature but chubby cheeks looks cute on kids, not so much on adults though. It does not matter whether you are slim or not your cheeks can be puffy and there is no exercise to reduce buccal fat.

How to remove buccal fat pad for chubby cheeks treatment

Dezire clinic provides Buccal fat removal treatment, It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is designed to slim down your cheeks. The procedure is simple, effective and not overly-invasive. A small incision is made inside the mouth and the lump of fat is gently removed.

In your initial consultation with Dr. Prashant Yadav you will be able to determine the amount of fat you’d like to have removed to achieve your desired improvement, and to get a better idea of how you’ll look after surgery. With optimal results appearing in about a month. Plus, scarring is generally hidden inside the mouth, so no one would be able to detect that you’ve had any surgery at all they’ll only comment on how you look thinner and more beautiful.

Consultation with Dr. Prashant Yadav is Necessary

Buccal fat removal has improved the appearance of many patients throughout the years that Dr. Prashant Yadav has been performing the surgery. However, it is absolutely necessary you consult with Dr. Prashant Yadav to find out whether the procedure is suitable for you because buccal fat pads are not the only cause of chubby cheeks. The buccal fat removal procedure can be combined with other procedure like chin liposuction for double chin removal to improve the overall facial appearance.

What is the procedure of Buccal Fat Removal surgery?

The procedure is done under local anesthesia as a day care procedure .the whole procedure is completed in one hour time and you can immediately resume your normal activities. The typical approach for removing the buccal fat pad is through a surgical cut in the mouth, towards the back of the oral cavity and another cut is made through the buccinator muscle, this opening access to the buccal fat pads. Afterwards, the surgeon applies manual pressure to the exterior of the cheek, which pushes the buccal fat pad above the surface of the interior of the mouth, which permits gripping the pad with forceps. Once extracted from its place, the surgeon then removes the required amount of buccal fat pad to achieve the desired cheek reduction and the two incisions are sutured.

What is the cost of Buccal Fat Removal?

Kindly call us on +91 9222122122 or mail us on dezireclinicindia@gmail.com to know the cost of buccal fat pad removal procedure in Pune. You can visit our clinic in Pune for detailed consultation with the expert doctor.

Recovery after buccal fat pad surgery

After your surgery it is advisable for you to sleep on 2 pillows for few days , so as to keep your head elevated to reduce the swelling.

During your recovery period there are several things you should expect:

  • You will have some discomfort, but this should be controlled by pain medication prescribed for you
  • Bruising and swelling are normal after surgery and should subside within 2 weeks.
  • Due to the incision being inside your mouth you will probably have to eat a less spicy diet for a while. You should also be advised to rinse your mouth several times a day with an antibacterial mouthwash.
  • Normally dissolvable sutures are used; therefore it should not be necessary to have them removed. Please resist the temptation to chew on the stitches you feel inside your cheek.
    Your swelling will continue to subside over several weeks.
  • During this time you may notice a change in your smile or odd sensations like tingling, pulling, burning, hollowness, cold or sudden sharp pain. These feelings are related to the healing of the nerve branches and should subside within the first few weeks.
  • Numbness is also possible and whilst it normally settles within the first few weeks.
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