Everyone is beautiful in their own way but we in a society and society has certain standard of beauty. You can reduce weight via exercise but working out is such a hard work and there are certain body parts where no exercise will ever work such as chin, neck, cheeks, upper arm and breasts.

So why take a long route, why not opt for safe, fast and result oriented method? Face and upper body liposuction.

Face and Neck Liposuction

Chubby cheeks, jowls, flabby necks and/or double chins can be treated with facial and neck liposuction. Advances in liposuction technology for removal of fat from delicate areas of the face and neck safer than ever before, which allows effective reduction or complete elimination of this aesthetically displeasing concern. Fat combined with loose skin can be treated with a procedure performed in conjunction with liposuction.

Upper Arm Liposuction

Upper arm fat, a condition sometimes referred to as “bat wings”, is fairly common. Excess upper arm fat and tissue is often the result of genetics or obesity. Advanced age and/or weight gain can cause the problem to worsen with time, resulting in increasingly large fat pads. The problem is accentuated by the presence of loose skin.

Dr. Prashant treats “bat wings” by performing liposuction on the upper arm through an incision created in the armpit area, and / or near the elbow. While arm liposuction may be sufficient, if excess skin is an issue, it can be reduced or removed through an arm lift.

Female Breast Reduction

A woman’s breast is an essential feature that portrays feminism. Some women get embarrassed about certain issues that concern this part of their bodies. Breast hypertrophy most often develops as the result of excessive fat tissue growth, but may also be caused by overactive glands (or a combination of both factors). The condition can cause one or both breasts to overdevelop and is sometimes accompanied by nipples that are located below the inframammary crease, a condition called ptosis.

Plastic Surgeons classify macromastia as mild (less than 300 grams of excess tissue), moderate (300-800 grams) or severe (more than 800 grams). Women without ptosis seeking minor to moderate breast reduction may be effectively treated through liposuction alone. If ptosis correction is necessary to achieve a desirable result, Dr. Prashant Yadav may recommend a breast lift.

How much these Liposuctions costs

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